Our History

Our History

Dwi Pada which in Sanskrit means two feet, is a brand inspired from the earth. Created by experiences and brought by inspiration that sew the stones.

Our most profound concept revolves around expressing the natural power that is hidden in the beauty of every women. The shoe models capture spontaneity, simplicity and harmony of soul. The conversations, stares, approaches, moments and forms of life, are part of our inspiration.

The essence of the brand is built on top of the four elements of nature: water, earth, air and fire, that under the Zen philosophy convey the connection between body and soul, taking the form of art for your feet.

The values of our Company are thinking with conscience, living with conscience and buying with conscience #thinkzen #livezen #buyzen this is how we design and produce our sandals, with high quality materials, that are mostly biodegradable.

Dwi Pada is passion, what motivates us to go forward every day, leaving a footprint that only YOU can if you walk with your feet on the ground…. We hope these sandals convey you the same emotions of those we had when we made them and that they accompany you in this beautiful path that we call life. We truly believe that at every step you take, you’ll always leave your footprint…